How Our Murder Mystery Works


Our Murder Mysteries are interactive teambuilds, birthday parties and year end events where you are part of the show.

“Don’t be entertained, be part of the entertainment”


Interested in how our Murder Mystery works?
Here are the 9 questions most clients want to know …


What is a Murder Mystery?

A Murder Mystery is an event where you are part of the story. These are often teambuilding, birthdays or year end parties, but we offer a number of different events. See our events page for more types of events

You and your friends and colleagues get to play a character in a story. You could be hilarious Jo’burg gangsters, you could be sexy Cape Town supermodels, you could be someone else entirely.

Throughout your event, usually a lunch or dinner but not always, you and your friends will get clues from our Murder Mystery police who will help your team to solve your mystery together.

You’ll see a side of your colleagues and friends that you have never seen before!


What makes your Murder Mystery unique?

We’ve been hosting Murder Mysteries since 1999. That’s a long time. We’ve downloaded the online games, we’ve been to our competitors events, we’ve bought boxes in toy stores, we’ve been overseas to see how they do things there.

We’ve built the very best of everything into a winning methodology unique to our events. That’s two decades of evolving and learning to make absolutely sure you have a great event.

●  EASY : We supply costumes

●  NO HOMEWORK : Choose your characters on the night

●  FLEXIBLE : Variable number of guests per table

●  RELEVANT : South African stories

●  CUTTING EDGE : Two decades of thought backing-up our method

If you’re interested to know why each of these things are important, then start a conversation with us. We’d love to hear from you.


How is your Murder Mystery different from other teambuilding?

With other teambuilding like drumming, amazing race or minute-to-win-it etc, you are working together to achieve a goal. What do you do in your office – you work together to achieve a goal.

Changing the setting or the goal doesn’t always change behaviour or create new insight.

At our events you also work together to achieve a goal (solving the mystery), but there is an additional layer.

It’s not your work characters working together. If you and your boss work together to make it to the next clue in the race, the dynamic is still between you and your boss. But if you are Black-Eye Buthelezi, and your boss is Poppie Poggenpoel, and you’re both gangsters, the interaction the Black-Eye and Poppie can have is completely different to any interaction that you and your boss could have.

The introduction of a new story into the team narrative is what makes our Murder Mysteries different, and what makes them so powerful.

For more info check out our teambuilding events


How does the Murder Mystery actually work?

You and your friends and colleagues arrive at your venue. This can be any venue you like. We don’t give you homework, you don’t need to hire a costume, or practice your character. Just show up, as you are.

Our Murder Mystery police will meet you at the door and guide you from there.

Our Police will share your story with you, the Mystery in which you are now a part.

You get to choose your character. We don’t preassign them, you get to choose. You choose at the event – no homework, nice and easy. Our Police will help you.

Through the event our Police will give you the clues and guidance you need at every step of the journey to the solving of your Mystery. You just relax and have fun.

At the end of the Mystery, once you’ve guessed and the Murderer has been discovered, our Police will give out awards for the best detectives and the best characters, and you get to go home full of thrill and excitement.

How awesome is that!


How much will it cost?

We have different package options depending on how exciting you want your event to be.

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Sounds awesome, how do I book?

Contact us and let us know what type of event you’re interested in and what dates you’re looking for.

We’ll send you the packages available for your event, and check availability for your date.

After that, you let us know which package you’ve chosen. Then we’ll send you a booking form.

When we get your booking form from you, that’s it, you’ve booked your Murder Mystery! Hooorah!

Then we up and send out your invitations for you, and you’ll pay your deposit until you know exactly how many guests rsvp to your invitations. We keep it simple and easy for you.


Do you supply costumes?

Yes, we provide costumes at all our events because it means that there is no homework for the guests, because it allows more flexibility and fun with the character selections, and because then you don’t have to worry about whether people will make an effort.

It’s easier for you, easier for your guests, and much more fun. It’s just better this way!

We have different package options depending on how exciting you want your event to be.


How many guests can I invite?

You can invite from 8 to 300 guests.

Just think carefully about whether your venue can serve 300 medium-rare steaks (or what-ever you choose) simultaneously.

But don’t stress, we’ll help you with the logistics.


How does the venue and food work?

We are very flexible and can host a Murder Mystery at any venue that has a private room and enough light to read by.

You want a private room because you’ll all be dressing up, acting and laughing out loud all night – You don’t want to interrupt or be interrupted by other patrons.

You or your venue will provide the food and drinks. We will work around any type of meal, and any number of courses that you choose.

P.S. – lot’s of birthday Murder Mysteries happen at private homes. You don’t have to go out to a venue.

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