Murder Mystery Team Building Reviews

Murder Mystery Teambuilding Reviews

Our team building events are the most fun you can have connecting with your colleagues, but don’t take our word for it…

Listen to what our clients have to say.

“My name is Friedel. We did the South African Murder Mystery as a team building exercise. Everyone had a lot of FUN and there were a lot of smiles and laughter around the table while we were eating.”

“My name is Gareth Devine, and I’m the owner of Gareth Devine Biokinetics. We used South African Murder Mysteries. It was not only GOOD, it was FUN, it was ENJOYABLE. I love how the guys bring in a bit of unknown fun and enjoyment. It was a great night, I recommend it for everyone!”

“I am David from Robin Baird Insurance brokers. It was a very FUN afternoon doing a South African Murder Mystery. It was lots of fun. EVERYONE got very involved. All the staff enjoyed it. I would highly recommend it!”

“Hi my name is Kimberly. I’m the chairperson of the Vaal University of Technology administrators forum. We celebrated our secretaries day in style! Our team building event this year, we opted to solve a murder… Because our theme is: The Solution to the Problem. The whole event was just run so smoothly. A big, heartfelt congratulations and thank you to the team from SA Murder Mysteries. AWESOME EVENT, the costumes were stunning. Hopefully we’ll see you again next year. Thank you”

“Good evening, this is Greg from Tiso Black Star. We just finished up doing a WONDERFUL South African Murder Mystery with our clients. It was an exceptionally good evening! We got to see our clients like we’ve never seen them before. Dressing up, acting like hooligans, relaxing, chilling… Certainly a far cry from their normal environnment. It’s a great way just to get to know people a little bit better. A different way of intergrating with clients. This really is a nice way to get to know the clients a lot better. And see them in a way they would never even dreamed of been seen. It’s a REALLY WONDERFUL way to get the evening flowing and just get the best out of your client and yourselves. That was BRILLIANT!”

“I am a Samisha from Allan Grey. We just did a South African Murder Mystery and it was FANTASTIC! My team had an amazing night. There were so many props on hand for us to use. You could go from a diva to some shady character with lots of bling. It didn’t matter if you were a man or a woman, you could switch if you wanted to. This Murder Mystery is well planned. Very little thinking on your part. If you are doing this as part of your dinner party, it seems like a GREAT IDEA. There’s not much physical activity involved. Everyone is involved and will participate. It’s really planned well and it’s really great for EVERYONE involved.”

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“I’m Tanya from Drs Sitharam Nadidoo Gora incorporated. We just had a South African Murder Mystery done. The event we did was absolutely EPIC!”

“I’m Gosh from SAFPS. We just had a lovely function with South African Murder Mysteries. It’s totally unexpected and people PLAY A CHARACTER they normally wouldn’t. If you want something fun to do… Please call them!”

“It’s Maritha, working for Pick n Pay. We just had a South African Murder Mysteries event. It was UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME! The way that the people worked together, the way that they get together is just amazing. You can really try it out!”

“I’m Liezl from DHL. It was a GREAT AFTERNOON. We saw the different sides of different characters. I enjoyed it because we could see people getting out of their comfort zones.”

“It’s Niveshni at FNB. We just did a Team Build with South African Murder Mysteries. It was a great team building activity… Everyone interacted! Every single person had a character so everybody had to be involved. The dress-up was fun and everyone was relaxed and had a great time.”

“Hi, I’m Catherine from Power of Nine. We’ve just done a South African Murder Mystery. I found it to be unique, creative and EXCEPTIONALLY FUNNY! A lovely way to get to know each team member in a way that you can’t at the office.”


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