Virtual Team Building

We help your Remote Team connect and have fun.

We host Virtual Team Building Events in which you and your colleagues are Suspects.

You connect and have fun as you solve the Mystery together!

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Virtual Team Building

Virtual Team Building

Virtual Team Building

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Virtual Team Building

How does it work?


You and your colleagues are Suspects in a Crime Comedy.


You try to solve the Crime together.


You Connect and have Fun with your Team.


On the day you and your team are all suspects in a Virtually Hosted Murder Mystery team building comedy. Everyone plays a fun, crazy Suspect in the Mystery.

Dress Up

During the show you dress up with whatever you have around the house to become your new fun character.

See your colleagues transform before your eyes…

Professional Facilitators

Our Detectives will entertain and guide you through your Virtual Murder Mystery, providing Clues, Secret Reports and Inside Info.

You and your remote team connect, have fun and solve the Mystery together!


Virtual Team Build Pricing

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Customer’s love our Murder Mysteries.

LISTEN for yourself.

Samisha from Allan Grey
“I am a Samisha from Allan Grey. We just did a South African Murder Mystery and it was FANTASTIC! My team had an amazing night. There were so many props on hand for us to use. You could go from a diva to some shady character with lots of bling. It didn’t matter if you were a man or a woman, you could switch if you wanted to. This Murder Mystery is well planned. Very little thinking on your part. If you are doing this as part of your dinner party, it seems like a GREAT IDEA. There’s not much physical activity involved. Everyone is involved and will participate. It’s really planned well and it’s really great for EVERYONE involved.”

Use Fun And Laughter To Learn And Connect

At our Virtual Team Building you and your team play characters in a Murder Mystery.

This means your team interacts in a brand new way in fun and safe environment.

Once everyone in your team has chosen a new character, and a new outfit and voice to go with your new characters, you are guaranteed to see a new side of your work colleagues.

You’ll laugh and learn about each other as you solve the Mystery together.


Break The Stereotypes In Your Team

Humans are multifaceted, but at work we often only see a single side of our colleagues and we risk a critical misunderstanding.

A danger for teams, and especially remote teams, is that we only see one side of each other over and over again. This creates one-dimensional stereotypes.

The problem with these stereotypes is not that they are untrue, but that they are incomplete. Our work persona is certainly part of who we are, but it’s not all of who we are. It’s just one side of us.

To build your team you need build your understanding of each other. Your team needs to see more than just one side of each other, more than just their work personas. This is particularly challenging for remote teams who don’t have team building benefits of chats around the proverbial ‘water cooler’ or a social cup of coffee over lunch.

At our Virtual Team Building events, you all play characters in a story and so you get to see a new side of your team, connect and have fun all at the same time as you solve a crazy crime comedy together.

Why This Is Different To Other Virtual Team Building

Most virtual team building is focused on your team doing an activity of some kind; a quiz, minute-to-win-it type games etc.

Our virtual team building is focused on helping you see a new side of your team. Sure, you solve a Mystery as well, but that’s not the secret sauce.

In team builds where you are focused on an activity, it’s not really that different from what you do in the office. You are just working together toward a different goal. The idea is that in solving a team build challenge instead of a workplace challenge, your team members will have a new insight into one another. But it won’t work.

If Sarah is super quiet at work, she’ll be super quiet at your team build. Unless you change up the characters people play.

If Sarah get’s to play a boisterous taxi hitman for 2 hours, you will definitely see a new side of her. Maybe you’ll solve the Mystery, and maybe you won’t, but you’ll definitely see a new side of your colleagues and that’s how you really build a team.




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