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See a new side of your colleagues.

Teams often get ‘stuck’ in a story. You play the same ‘characters’ over and over until your colleagues only see you as ‘the boss’ or ‘the sales guy’ or ‘the P.A.’

Now by playing a new character in a Murder Mystery you can break old stereotypes in a hilarious new way.

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If you want to plan a social at your office, or a dinner at the conference, or a lunch at the end of the year, our murder mysteries are definitely something fun and different.

Great for Year End Parties!

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Your birthday is coming up. You’re super busy. You want to do something different but it’s so much admin.

Plus you obviously want your friends to high five you on an awesome party. Our Murder Mysteries will make you awesome.

High Five!

For two decades we’ve been writing Murder Mystery Dinners specifically for our South African audience.

This means that our stories are easy for South Africans to relate to and participate in because they contain characters, places and plots that South Africans can identify with. But unlike real life, ours are just very, very funny!

We have literally been around the world to see how Murder Mystery events are hosted in different places, but we don’t host pre-boxed murder mysteries written for an overseas audience.

What we have done is incorporate the best parts of international Murder Mystery events into a unique format, filled with hilariously South African content.

“Hilarious evening – absolutely loved it!”

MEGAN CAMERON – GD Biokineticists