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Make this birthday unforgettable for you and your friends

“We were so impressed by your professionalism and attention to detail.”

CLAIR HARPER speaking about her husband’s surprise birthday party

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“I could actually sit and have a cup of tea with all the mothers”

– hear Thea’s thoughts on organising her daughter’s 13th birthday below –

A Murder Mystery Party is a night to remember

You want to make it a night to remember? Then this is the game for you.

Let us take care of the invitations, the costumes, the facilitation, the photos and the prizes. You just decide who to invite where to have your party.

You can invite any number of guests from 8 to 300 people, and can have your party at home or at your favourite restaurant. It’s up to you. Check out the Frequently Asked Questions on our How it Works page for more info.

This is the best way to organise a Surprise Birthday Party

A surprise party is a fantastic way to create lasting memories and makes your partner feel really, really special. All of their friends are there, you went to this amazing effort. The time and care taken in planning a surprise party show someone how special they are to you.

But all of that time and planning can be tricky. How do you keep it secret? How do you make sure everybody makes an effort? You get our help, that’s how!

We’ll send out special Murder Mystery invitations for you, with careful wording about the surprise. There’s no mystery that this is a secret.

We supply all the costumes at your home or restaurant so that you don’t have to worry about whether guests will make an effort.
We’ll have our Murder Mystery Police on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly while you’re out distracting the guest of honour.

How our Surprise Party works

We arrive ahead of time and set up for the party. Your guests arrive before your guest of honour, which we’ll explain on their invites so that you don’t have to worry.

When the guests arrive they get to choose a character and a costumes. We provide those so there is no homework for anyone.
We’ll handle this while you’re distracting your special someone.

When you and your guest of honour arrive they’re greeted by all their best friends and family dressed up to the teeth as awesome Murder Mystery characters, and they melt into your arms. You sneaky romantic!

From there you both get dressed up and the mystery unfolds.

It’s a fantastic, unforgettable experience for friends, family and your special someone.

“You can’t help but get involved. It’s too intriguing to be a bystander!”

ABIGAIL COHEN speaking about her sister’s birthday party